NYC Sunday

Today was the running of the New York City Marathon. For me, today involved a 16.5 km easy run this morning. It was cool out but the weather was perfect for a long slow run as the sun was shining. I ended up completing the 16.5 km run in 1:24.

In terms of NYC, I tried using the live tracking option because I had a friend running and I was also curious to see how Chilean miner Edison Pena would do. Compared to other races, NYC had a cool option to track runners that allowed you to see where on the course map the runners were at the time you were checking. Unfortunately, the site kept crashing due to demand.

Seeing pictures of today’s race makes me want to do NYC more than ever. My current plan is still to run a Boston qualifying time next year. Once I get myself to Boston my sights will be set on NYC as I definitely want to run it as well.

The race itself produced a couple of surprises in terms of elite athletes. First off, current marathon world record holder Haile Gebrselassie pulled out of the race at the 16 mile mark. Following the end of his race he announced he would be retiring. For Canadians, Simon Bairu who was making his debut at the marathon distance pulled out of the race at the 23 mile mark.

In case you are wondering, Pena finished the race in 5:40 and they played Elvis as he finished.

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  1. I was disappointed that there wasn’t free streaming video. I enjoyed watching the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and the Chicago Marathon on my computer, and I was looking forward to watching NYC. I decided to go running along the canal instead of paying the $4 or $5 they were charging.

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