Today’s Run with the Chariot

Today I ended up running 11 km with my daughter in her Chariot. With it starting to get colder and with the weather being more unpredictable it will likely end up being the last time I use the Chariot this year.

We had been keeping it covered in our backyard but now with us getting more rain and the occasional snow flurries recently I think the time has come to clean off the Chariot and store it inside for the winter.

I am not sure exactly how much mileage we put on it this year but starting in April my daughter often joined me for both of my weekend runs as I trained for the Ottawa Marathon in May and for the Prince Edward County Marathon in October. I think the farthest I ended up taking her was 26 km – since she was still asleep when I left the house for my longest runs I would run around the neighbourhood on my own to start and then loop back to the house to pick her up.

I would certainly recommend a running stroller for those with little kids. It is a great way to spend more time with them and your spouse will appreciate the extra sleep when you take off for a run with the stroller on a Saturday or Sunday morning!

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