Tonight’s Run

Tonight I ended up getting caught in the rain while I ran home. It was a miserable day here with rain on and off throughout the day and I was hoping it would not be raining when I left work. From my desk I could not tell if it was raining as I grabbed my stuff so I could get changed and head out for my run home. When I got outside it was raining steadily.

I could have easily reached in my bag for my bus pass but since I was already in my running gear I decided to stick with it and go for my run. I’m sure many of the people who saw me thought I was crazy for running in the rain. I encountered other runners along the way and I’m sure they understood why I decided to go for my run instead of taking the bus home, there’s that idea of a connection between runners again.

In the end I ended up with a tempo run of just under 9 km and it felt good when I got home because I stuck with it instead of taking the easy way out.

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