Connection Between Runners

Today I read another blog post about there being a connection between runners and how runners understand each other. If you are interested read Ann’s commentary about this.

From my experience I believe this to be true as well. Other runners understand the feeling when a run is not going or the joy that comes from a good run that non-runners do not always understand. They understand the effort required to preapre for races and what it feels like when you meet your goal on race day.

I notice it every day in my training runs as just about every runner I encounter, regardless of their age or how fast they are running, will wave or nod as we pass each other.

I have also experienced this connections in the marathons I have run so far. I have witnessed runners encouraging other to continue when they were struggling in the later stages of the race. At PEC in October the runner who finished behind me shook my hand and thanked me when he finished because he said my pace in the last few kilometers kept him going to the end. I understood exactly what he was feeling at that moment because we had because we had both just capped off several months of training with a marathon result that we were both pleased with.

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