Chilean Miner to Run NY Marathon

A few weeks ago I wrote about Edison Pena, the Chilean miner who ran 3-6 miles a day while he and 32 other miners were trapped underground for 69 days. Following their recovery last month the New York Road Runners invited him to take part in the New York City Marathon. Yesterday it was announced that Pena had accepted the invitation and will compete in the marathon on Sunday.

As far as I can tell the farthest Pena has run so far is 6 miles which is certainly not much in the way of preparing for a 26 mile race, especially when you consider recent research suggestng marathons can cause heart damage in less fit runners.

The Chilean consul-general at the U.N. has indicated that they “do not know how far he will be able to run.” I am curious to see how far he will run and will monitor the results on Sunday to see how he does. He will certainly have a lot of people cheering for him along the way.

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