Beat Beethoven 8 km

Today I completed my latest race, the Beat Beethoven 8 km. You may recall that last week I ran an 8 km tempo run in 34:28. I decided that my goal would be to at least match that time today.

It was a cool and damp morning though not as cool as I was expecting and the rain ended before the race started. I started off quickly before settling into a steady pace. I managed to finish the race in 33:30 and am pleased with the result as it was a minute quicker than the time I set in training last week.

My time was good enough for 9/132 overall, 4/14 in my age category and 7/54 men.

I have not yet decided if I will do any other races this year but I am tempted to do one more before the year ends.

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  1. Thanks. I agree about the distance. It is the only 8 km race I have done. I don,t think there are others at that distance around here.

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