Maintaining a regular running schedule when you have you kids

My daughter turned one today and it made me think about how things have changed over the last year since I have certainly been able to maintain a regular running schedule.

The biggest change for me in terms of my running has been in terms of how I manage my time. It has meant being more disciplined about when I go running by scheduling my runs when the opportunity presented itself. For me that resulted in many early morning runs and evening runs home from work.

The best change is that I now have a running partner for my weekend runs. I have been running with my daughter in her Chariot stroller as soon as she was old enough to ride in it. Watching and listening to her keepning herself entertained as I complete 20-30 km runs has made my longer runs more enjoyable and provided me with a nice change from my solo runs during the weeks.

Of course the most important element to being able to maintain a regular running schedule after you have had kids is a supportive spouse who supports whatever crazy ideas you come up with (running two marathons this year, bringing running gear on vacation, returning home from a vacation to New England via upstate New York so you can run the Boilermaker in Utica etc.) and who is at the finish line to support you at the end of every race.

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