Long Runs

Sundays are generally the day for my long run of the week. I thought this would be appropriate topic today since I recently came across the following article from Runners World.

The article outlines three different approaches to long runs. The traditional long slow distance run (lsd) where you maintain a steady pace up to a mile slower per mile than your goal pace, the progression run where you start slow and gradually get faster and the dress rehearsal where you insert a few miles at race pace towards the end of your run.

During my training for PEC I ran five 30+ km runs. I did the first couple of runs using the lsd approach. For the remaining runs I picked up my pace to my race pace or close to it with about 10 km left in the run. The approach seemed to work me as I was succesful in hitting my goal on race day.

Currently I am not training for a goal race and will probably return to the lsd approach for my long runs but once I start training for a marathon again, or even a half-marathon, I will likely return to the approach of trying to hit my intended race pace at the end of my long runs.

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