Best Run of the Year

I just came across this article about the author’s final run before before the Chicago marathon. He describes that run as his best run of the year.

There is no question that the last run before a marathon feels different than all others. Your last run before a marathon does not have the added pressure of making sure you complete a certain distance or stick to a certain pace as you are just getting out to keep your legs loose after all of the mileage you have completed in training.

I can also relate to the emotions the author says he felt as he completed his last run. It is a great feeling to get out for that final run knowing that you have survived the months of training and 100’s of kilometers of training in order to make it to race day. When I completed my last run before PEC just over a week ago I probably had a big smile on my face the whole time partly due to a sense of pride in what I had accomplished in my training over the summer and also due to being excited about the fact that my next run would be the marathon I had spent four months training for. It is a feeling that makes you realize how rewarding an experience training for a marathon can be.

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