Looking Ahead

Four days after PEC and my legs feel fine. I think some of the quick recovery tips I followed helped as I have recovered quicker than I did after my previous two marathons. I am planning to head out for a run after work tomorrow. It will just be an easy run since I am just coming off a marathon.

In two weeks there will be a half-marathon in the Ottawa area, the 9 Run Run. I found out today that they still require a couple of pace bunnies. I have submitted my name and am currently waiting to find out if I was accepted. I figure doing this run would be a good way to get me back on a regular running schedule.

Beyond this I am not quite sure what my running schedule will look like over the next few months. I do plan on continuing to run through the winter again this year. My winter running will be likely geared towards getting ready for a marathon in 2011. Next year a Boston qualifying time will be 3:15. Coming off a time of 3:22 at PEC I am more confident than ever that my goal of qualifying for Boston is realistic. A lot of work remains for me to make up the extra 7 minutes needed for a Boston qualifying time but I do think this is an achievable goal for 2011 and I would like to take at least one shot at qualifying for Boston in 2011.

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