Marathon Recovery

Since I just ran a marathon yesterday I found this article to be quite relevant, a 6 step plan to a speedy marathon recovery.

I managed to follow step one with a 10 minute walk back to our hotel from the finish line. We also took a wander through downtown Picton after we had lunch. I probably would have benefitted from a couple more 10-15 minute walks but given that we had a 3 hour drive home it was not possible.

Right after finishing the race I made sure to grab chocolate milk that was available at the finish line. I also had a couple servings of e mend that I had mixed the night before and a PowerBar protein bar.

The first thing I did when I got back to our hotel was take a cold bath. I know it does not sound like a pleasant idea but I have started using this technique after long training runs and marathons and it does seem to help.

One thing I did not take advantage of last night when I got home was using my foam roller before my quads started to ache. Not sure if would have helped with my recovery but I will give it a try next time.

I did make sure to stay hydrated after the race yesterday by carrying a water bottle around with me all day.

I am not planning to do much in the way of physical activity this week but I will keep up with the series of yoga stretches I have been doing for running for about a year now.

All in all I think I am feeling pretty good today. My legs are a little stiff and sore when I get up to walk around or when I go down stairs but I am certainly not as sore as I was after my previous two marathons.

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