Final Preparations for PEC

It is now only three days away from the Prince Edward County marathon. It is still kind of hard to believe that race day is almost here as it does not feel like it was that long ago that I decided to train for a fall marathon. I made that decision pretty soon after the National Capital marathon in May. At the time I was pleased with my result of 3:32 but decided I would like to run another this year marathon in order to take a shot at beating my time.

In case you are wondering what made me choose this race I will explain. I initially contemplated registering for one of the two marathons in Toronto. However, in researching fall marathons close to home I discovered this one was also taking place around the same time. One of the first things that appealed to me about this race is the fact that the course is relatively flat. The race also takes place in a rural setting along the shores of Lake Ontario which will be a departure from racing in an urban setting as I am mainly used to. Prince Edward County is also home to a number of wineries which made it easier to sell the idea to my wife.

With three days until the race I feel confident in my training. I have managed to stick pretty close to my training schedule and have only missed two scheduled days of running. One because of the weather and tonight because my left calf muscle is still a little sore after my Tuesday night run. I figured that it was best to take an extra day of rest, the importance of rest days is still fresh in my mind since it was the subject of my last post, in order to make sure I am at my best Sunday morning. I will try and get in a short easy run tomorrow evening after I pack my stuff for the weekend. Saturday I head to Picton for the race!

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