I know there is some debate over the benefits of stretching for running. I thought I would write about how I have incorporated stretching into my training routine.

As mentioned in my previous post, I injured my knee while training for my first half-marathon. While the injury was partially due to using worn-out shoes, a trip to a sports medicine doctor and a physiotherapist identified suggested that the injury was also due to tight leg muscles. In addition to the exercises they recommended for me, I also purchased a foam roller which although painful and uncomfortable to use at first was useful in stretching my leg muscles.

My current post-run stretching routine involves going through the ”10 best yoga poses for runners”. I found these exercises online earlier this year and have been using them for several months now. The exercises have certainly improved the flexibility in my legs which I figure can’t be a bad thing for my running.

The final series of exercises I use for stretching involves this series of pilates moves for runners which my wife found for me in an article on the Runners World website. I try to go through this series of moves when I have a chance on my rest days.

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