Running Shoes

I enjoy the challenge that comes with preparing for being able to run a marathon to the best of my abilities. I find it to be truely rewarding experience when I am able to cross the finish line on race day after all the training and preparation that goes into being able to run marathon. As mentioned in previous posts, I have run two marathons already and will be running another one in less than two weeks.

If there is one thing that does that gets me about preparing for a marathon it is the speed at which I go through a pair of shoes. Since most shoes are good for roughly 700 km of running, when training for a marathon and you are completing anywhere from 200-400 + km in a month you can expect your shoes to last about three months before they need replacing.

I have lost count of how many pairs I have been through so far this year. I think I am probably on my third pair so far. My current pair of shoes was purchased in August and already has around 350 km of use so far! As an aside, I started keeping track of the mileage on my shoes after I experienced a knee injury while I was training for my first half-marathon. Although not the only factor, continuing to use a pair of worn out shoes contributed to that injury.

At $130-140 it does get a little expensive if you decide to run multiple half-marathons or marathons in a year. However, I think it is a small price to pay for the health benefits that I get  from running along with the rewarding feeling that comes from crossing the finish line on race day after the months of training it takes to prepare for a marathon or even a half-marathon.

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