Pace Bunny, Army Run

As mentioned last night, today I participated in the Army Run as one of the pace bunnies. In case you are not familiar with the idea, pace bunnies are assigned a time that they commit to running during the race. They wear a hat with bunny ears and hold up a sign as they run so all the runners can see intended pace. My assigned time for the race was 27:30.

Since I am training for a marathon I had planned to do more than 5 km this morning. The race started at 8:00 so I headed out at 6:30 with my daughter in her Chariot. I ran about 6.5 km with my daughter and dropped her off at home and grabbed my hat and sign. Once ready, I ran to the start line of the race which gave me a total of 9.5 km before the race.

The weather was perfect for running today. It was still cool when the race started but the sun was shining. The race itself was pretty uneventful. After a bit of congestion at the start of the race I was able to hit my intended pace for the run according to my Garmin. I had a few runners following me at various points throughout the race.

Unfortunately my Garmin stopped a bit short of the finish line, indicating that I had completed 5 km. This slowed me down a little as I checked to see what happened but I continued and hit the finish line with a chip time of 28:00 which was still within 30 seconds of my assigned time. I guess that will teach me not to rely on my Garmin so much the next time and to watch my splits instead!

It was a good experience and I would do it again if the opportunity presents itself.

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