Running Routes in Ottawa

One of the things we are blessed with in Ottawa are an abundance are areas that are ideal for running. I live near the Rideau Canal so many of my runs will take me along the canal for at least a portion of the run. Strathcona Park is also a regular destination of mine since it is also close to home and running through the Sandy Hill neighbourhood brings back memories of my univeristy years. Another frequent destination of my is the Central Experimental Farm The farm is located near my office and I regularly run through it when I decide to run home from work.

I enjoy running in these parts of Ottawa because they almost give me the feeling I am no longer in the city even though in reality I am still quite close to downtown. Where else can you go for a  run along a UNESCO World Heritage site (Rideau Canal) and a working farm (Ottawa is the only capital city to have a working farm within its boundaries) so close to the center of a large city?

On my longer runs I like to take different routes. When my schdule calls for runs in excess of 25 km I will often run along the Ottawa River Parkway, cross over to Gatineau on the Quebec side of the river or head towards Rockliffe Park which is home to some of the most expensive homes  in the city and to many of the Ambassodors stationed in Ottawa (my daughter and I crossed paths with US Ambassador David Jacobson a few months ago while on a Sunday moorning run).

Where do you like to run?

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