My Running History

I will start off by telling you a little about myself. I am relatively new to the sport of running. My introduction to running came four years ago when my wife talked me into joining a Running Room 5 km clinic with her. At the completion of that clinic we ran our first race, the 2006 MDS Nordion 5 km which took place during race weekend in Ottawa.

Following the completion of that race I decided that running wasn’t so bad and that I would like to try a 10 km race. At that point I had no intention of progressing to longer distances. Funny enough, I completed my first 10 km race and once again decided that a half-marathon might not be so bad. At this point the idea of completing a marathon still seemed crazy!

I think you can kind of see where my story is going now. Here I am four years later having completed two marathons and currently training for my third which will take place in less than a month. I think it is safe to say that I am now hooked on running. In four short years I have gone from a reluctant 5km runner to a marathoner with his sights set on eventually qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

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